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This program presents the simplicity of the solo acoustic violin and its origins demonstrated by performing a simple Bach minuet. Whisked into present day, Caryn uses the five string electric violin and sound effects to transcend that "solo" sound by doing what is called "looping" creating sound loops live that she adds to and embellishes, playing in essence, live duos and trios with herself. This 3 dimensional sound magic is performed right before your eyes!! Plus, with the addition of her sound technician demonstrating and looping electronic drums and guitar... all performed through a full professional sound system. Audiences of ALL ages are captivated. Students are always included and anxious to participate on stage.

Program lasts approximately 45 minutes. Grades K-12

Bach 2 Rock Brochure
Bach 2 Rock Video -requires Macromedia Flash Player

   Goals of the Performance

• To provide a basic history of Johann Sebastian Bach, the acoustic violin, and electric violin.

• Cover new developments in music using electronics and modern technology.

• To inspire children to always search for new and better ways to satisfy their own creative needs and to realize their own dreams without rejecting the wisdom of history.

It is our desire to make the arts a vital, relevant,exciting part of the lives of our communities.

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We have performed in hundreds of elementary, middle, high and special needs schools from Massachusetts to Virginia.

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Bach 2 Rock Brochure (pdf)

   Basic outline of the performance
  1. Introduction to the Electric Violin by playing an original piece using Looping and Sound Effects.
  2. Intro and goals of the presentation.
  3. A brief history of Bach via a simple Bach minuet on Acoustic Violin.
  4. Demonstration of Looping & Sound Effects using the electric violin... then “Bruce” rocks out on the Electric Drums & Electric Guitar.
  5. Volunteers selected for Electric Violin looping!
  6. Volunteers selected for Drum Looping!
  7. More audience participation with the Wireless Microphone and Sound Effects fun!
  8. Caryn tells two character-enhancing stories about overcoming childhood difficulties to become a successful Violinist.
  9. Questions
  10. Play more cool music! Closing remarks
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