Diversity in Action Magazine     2016
The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts     2011
"Caryn Lin is one of the most interesting violin players we know." Megan Fitzgerald Program Director
Bruce Ranes, Sellersville Theater     2009
Caryn Lin does not simply play the violin, she has electrified & reinvented it& and then continually takes it where no human has ever dared. In a nutshell, Caryn Lin is to violin is what Bela Fleck is to Banjo,
New Age Reporter     2008
the call is a jaw-dropping, eye-opening, mind-expanding feast for your ears and your soul. I cant get enough of it. Caryn Lin is truly a unique artist playing highly original music with passion, heart, and imagination. No matter what you call her music
Echoes Radio     2008
Your Echoes Recording of "A Lump is a Hole" is easily The MOST frequently Lifted song For Myspace players of Echoes Radio Friends,,, John Diliberto "Host"
New York Post     1996
"Unlike the music defined by geography and politics or the sound corralled by pure genre, Lin's only limits are those of her electric violin."
New Age Voice     1994
Her sound's strikingly original, lean and honed to a fine edge.
The Boston Phoenix     1994
"Lin does intensely melodic work."
Vegetarian Times     1993
"When you think of musicians with electricity surging through their veins, you usually think of rock'n' rollers jamming on guitars. But Caryn Lin would string you up for your narrow-mindedness-----she's an electric violinist full of voltage."
Dirty Linen     1993
Caryn Lin has written some truly original music.
Philadelphia Inquirer     1993