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Caryn Lin &
The Transformation from Live to Virtual

Studio S.T.E.A.M.-ARAMA Lemons to Lemonade!

caryn in the virtual studio

Our last live show was March 11th 2020 at the Piscataway Public Library. We were told that ordinarily, there would have been between 75-100 patrons there. There were only 5 people at the show!!!!!!!!!! Little did we know what was about to happen. The next day we learned at all of our shows were cancelled, from March 13th until otherwise notified! That included both children’s shows & adult concerts. March was scheduled to be our busiest month! What? Rug pulled out. We had noooooooooooo idea what we were going to do. Apparently it was time for a change. A big one! Learning curve! Major growth time! Ta Ta comfort zone! Our truck has been sitting in the driveway ever since!

Fortunately, we work with Young Audiences of NJ/EP (Eastern PA) Young Audiences of MD & Arts for Learning CT. We had many zoom meetings with them trying to navigate what was happening. They have been a tremendous support for us from day one! They also helped as much as they could financially, which is amazing to say the least . Young Audiences also provided free classes for us including zoom, Social & Emotional Learning, & anti- racism. WE are using more social media as well.

On May 14th we took a zoom class & began learning about live streaming. There is soooooooooooooo much to learn! WE learned about platforms & doing special effects & lots of other information. We needed to do the following: paint our living room wall green for our green screen, buy A Mac Book Pro, 5 cameras, (we already had one, plus we are using the iphone for one camera) a camera switcher, a new i pad, recording interface, stands, the right cables like no body’s business, a black rug to simulate a stage, black curtains to help simulate a stage vibe, several lights, and a clip on microphone. What, performing for cameras instead of physical people???? In other words, we created our own T.V. studio called, STUDIO S.T.E.A.M.-ARAMA!! Lemons into lemonade!

Then, we put together our virtual Science of Sound show & included some humor (which we all need now) by creating a comic relief character named Ant Lynda. Our first live streaming show was on June 17th. We did our first adult concert on July 14th. We began performing for schools on Sept. 22nd .We continue to work on all of it, as this is a work in progress. We have The Science of Sound shows for grades k-8. Now we are able to book shows without traveling, & have already booked shows in Wisconsin & Washington State. We are also creating videos for several venues. Adult concerts are currently being scheduled. This has turned out to be an extremely creative time!! We have to learn how to be ok with the discomfort of uncertainty & let go of the past. Instead, we learn how to adapt to the reality that life is unfolding in front of us. You never, ever, know what is coming down the pike! Who woulda’ thought??